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Kelsyus Kids Canopy Chair- Blue

Kelsyus Kids Canopy Chair- Blue Rating:
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Product Description

All the innovation of Kelsyus' Original Canopy Chair, only smaller. Parents love the adjustable sunshade with UV protection; kids love the outdoor folding chair's cup holder, overhead utility pocket, and stylish design. The folded canopy turns into an integrated carry bag, so your child can carry his own chair without ever losing the carry bag. Designed for ages three and older, the Kelsyus Kids Original Canopy Chair's durable steel frame supports up to 75 pounds.

The Canopy Chair folds up into an integrated carry bag for easy portability.
It's just not comfortable and practical its ingenious. With one simple motion, the canopy lifts easily to convert the familiar quad style chair to your own personal oasis. Then the cleverly designed waterproof canopy becomes the bag, with two padded shoulder straps, making it easy to carry. This unique patent pending, fully integrated design means no flimsy carriers to assemble or lose. The Kelsyus Kids Canopy Chair even features a smart shade for UV protection--a great benefit for sunny days at the game, lake, or backyard.


  • Quad style chair converts to canopy seating
  • Folded down and closed, the waterproof canopy becomes the carry bag
  • Canopy offers shade and UV protection
  • Two padded shoulder straps for hands-free portability
  • Under canopy, overhead utility pockets included
  • Steel frame for durability, holds up to 75 pounds
  • Designed for ages 3 and older

Lucky Bums Moon Camp Indoor Outdoor Comfort Lightweight Durable Chair with Carrying Case, Pink, Small

Lucky Bums Moon Camp Indoor Outdoor Comfort Lightweight Durable Chair with Carrying Case, Pink, Small Rating:
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Product Description

Your little one can rest comfortably and easily wherever your adventures take you with the help of the Lucky Bums Youth Moon Camp Chair, Large. This sturdy, portable papasan-style folding chair features a rugged, coated steel frame; a padded polyester seat; and embroidered Lucky Bums logo detail. Perfect for use during camping trips, picnics, parades, parties, games, sporting events, backyard barbecues, and any other extended outdoor activity. Measuring 20”x16.5”x20.5” and holding up to 100 pounds makes this Moon Chair compact and very sturdy. When you’re all done just fold it up and place it in the carry case to get on your way. With a Manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects against defects in materials or workmanship. When you receive a Lucky Bums product, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know. We are here for our customers and will respond promptly and professionally in order to fix any problems the product may have, if you received a faulty item, we will replace it immediately. Lucky Bums is a family business created by a love of the outdoors, when you purchase a product by us, you become family too.

Kids Folding Camp Chair, Ages 2-6, Moose (Color Varies)

Kids Folding Camp Chair, Ages 2-6, Moose (Color Varies) Rating:
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Product Description

Includes 1 chair in random color (brown or orange), for children ages 2-6 and not more than 125 pounds. Approximate Item Dimensions: Seat Measurements: 11 inches high, 11 inches deep, 14 inches wide. 25 inches wide at the widest point (arm rests), 24 inches tall overall, Back: 13 inches wide, 13 inches high. Features a moose design on a durable fabric, with mesh cup holder in arm rest. This kids chair meets all new standards for children's furniture safety, including phthalate free fabric with locking leg system.

Pink Pirate Princess Folding Camp Chair Camping

Pink Pirate Princess Folding Camp Chair Camping Rating:
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Product Description

This super cool pink `Pirate Princess` folding camp chair has a heavy duty steel frame and a heavy 600 denier nylon seat to give you years of use. The chair holds up to 275 pounds easily, and has hard plastic feet to keep you sturdy. The feet have holes in the bottoms, so you can keep it in place with tent stakes if you wish. The chair measures 32 1/2 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 19 inches deep. This folding camp chair is brand new, never used, and makes a great gift for any lady pirate fan. We have a limited supply of these, so don`t delay. Get yours now!

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No description available.

It’s a funny thing about children: they don’t really respond well when treated as small adults. They need their own age- and size-appropriate belongings: clothes, furniture, reading materials and yes, their outdoor gear. Some things can do double duty for adults and children: items that don’t depend on fit or stability or safety. But you and your family will have a far better time on the camping trip if your kids have their own “stuff.” Camping chairs and camping tents for kids are two things I would consider essential.

Start with the seating arrangements: kids’ camping chairs are readily available and are well worth the expense when you consider safety and durability. Kids don’t move in and on a folding chair the way adults do, and manufacturers who take design for children seriously will help you avoid a lot of hazards.

The fruit juice box holder on a kids’ camping chair is nice but not necessary. But there are other more serious features on a kids model than just the holder or toy pocket. And even beyond the character chair decorations and themes (Sponge Bob, anyone?), there are safety features as well as aesthetic considerations that make buys a kids camp chair for a kid a wise move.

Stability is always a safety feature, and size appropriateness is the start to stability in any folding piece of furniture. If your four year old child tries to climb up in a Papa Bear chair, there is too much room to rock and roll and tumble. With a kid camp chair, the child’s weight is forced, by the size restriction, to the center of the chair and is balanced equitably on all four of the supporting legs.

Check the supporting frame of the kids camp chairs you consider. The frame design should enhance stability by the engineering of the weight bearing portion. Check for the strength of the seating and backing material – good quality chairs will also be able to double as kids’ beach chairs. And for smaller children, be sure to double check any meshing used: woven patterns that are too large will provide too many chances for small fingers to push through and get pinched or twisted.

Along with the frame, check for the manufacturer’s weight limit specifications. For adult chairs, the heavier the allowable weight load, the sturdier the chair. But for kids we want age and size appropriateness. So for a four year old child, you don’t need a 100 pound weight limit chair. Shop carefully and match the item you purchase with the child you are purchasing for.

Amenities and options are great, and a Jeff Gordon logo makes the chair fun. But when you shop for kids camping chairs, the bottom line must be safety. If you have a safe chair, then you have a good buy.

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