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Rothco Collapsible Stool with Carry Strap, Black

Rothco Collapsible Stool with Carry Strap, Black Rating:
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Rothco makes quality outdoor and sports gear for all types of situation. Whether you are in a combat intensive environment, or if you are a recreational user, rothco will fit the lifestyle of many. Quality tested and performance driven, use rothco.

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Sherpa Chair, Forrest Green

Sherpa Chair, Forrest Green Rating:
List Price: $29.99
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Lightweight, Easy to Use, Go Anywhere Backpack Chair - By combining a lightweight frame that's easy to fold and carry, Sherpa Chair is the most durable and easy to carry chair around. It also provides a spacious pouch to carry everything else. Sherpa Chair can be carried hands-free as it comes with two shoulder straps so it can be thrown on just like a backpack. An optional cooler bag is available, and fits right-into the chair. These features mean the Sherpa Chair can be taken anywhere with ultimate convenience. It is ideal for a soccer mom's chair, camping chair, fishing chair, hunting chair or tailgating chair.

Byer of Maine Lightweight Portable Tri Lite folding Camping Stool, Folding Camp Chair, Camping Chair

Byer of Maine Lightweight Portable Tri Lite folding Camping Stool,  Folding Camp Chair, Camping Chair Rating:
List Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $24.95
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This camping stool is so versatile, it can be used for camping, hunting, golfing, bird-watching, any activity where you would want a compact seat. The TriLite Stool uses durable steel legs and a ripstop polyester seat folded into a storage bag thats just 13 inches long and 3 inches wide for portability. The TriLite folding camp stool is designed to be very sturdy on any surface with the three legged, webbed design. Best of all, the camping chair stands 18 inches tall when assembled and supports 200 pounds, yet fits into your backpack or glove compartment when folded for storage.

Ameristep High Back Chair

Ameristep High Back Chair Rating:
List Price: $28.25
Sale Price: $19.52
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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Weighing only two pounds, this high-back folding chair is light and convenient. It includes a gear pouch perfect for all your small hunting needs.

In my last article, I talked about some super comfortable camping chairs that are perfect for car camping. But as I mentioned, each of those chairs weighs about 10 pounds or more, so what sort of camping chairs should you look for when you are planning on hiking in to your campsite and don’t want to lug around a heavy chair?

(Since we’re talking about lightweight camping and backpacking, it will definitely be worth your time to see if there are any simple things you can do to save weight elsewhere. Make sure to get a lightweight tent and don’t bring a heavier sleeping bag than you’ll need for your trip. You can also pack a small camping water filter so you don’t have to bring as much water as you would otherwise. You can, of course, drink directly from the streams that you find, but one stomach bug will make you wish you hadn’t.)

The first lightweight camping chair we’re gonna take a look at is a traditional camping stool from REI. It’s currently priced around $20 US and weighs just over one pound – perfect for taking on long hikes. You definitely don’t want a big, heavy chair weighing you down on a long trek through the woods.


As you can see, this sort of folding camping chair is a long way from the heavy duty camping chairs with canopies and footrests we looked at last time, but it is well made, durable and reasonably comfortable. It also works well if you have limited space in your campsite – it’s footprint is only about 10 inches.


The next chair is also a great option for carrying in to a campsite. It’s a stadium-seat-type camping chair, and is super light – it weighs under one pound! This chair is made by Crazy Creek, priced at $40 US and is also available at REI.


These sorts of camping chairs are great for long hikes, as they are so lightweight, and they also fold down to almost nothing, making it very easy to fit into your backpack. The only problem with them is that they are pretty much the bottom of the barrel in terms of comfort. You’re sitting directly on the ground, with only a thin pad between you and any rocks, roots, or mud, and I’ve never been able to really relax in one. But if the weight of your camping chair is a big concern for you, then this is definitely an option to consider.


The third camping chair is a variation of the camping stool we saw earlier. Instead of a tripod, this one has two U-shaped legs and folds in the middle for transport. This chair is made by Coleman and is available at Amazon for under $20 US.


In my experience, these sorts of stools are generally not as comfortable as the tripod version, but your mileage may vary. This chair weighs in at 2.6 pounds, so it’s definitely an option for someone looking for a lightweight camping chair. There are also other Coleman camping chairs that would fit the bill for a lightweight camp chair.


The last of the camp chairs we’re going to look at is another version of the camp stool, but this time it comes with a back rest. This chair is available at Amazon for around $20 US.


The back rest would go a long way to making the camp stool more comfortable, but it does come at a weight cost – the stool weighs in at 4 pounds. Still better than the 10 pound behemoths we’re taking car camping, but a factor to be considered for someone going on a significant hike.

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